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Staples & Associates, Inc. has been changing minds and influencing behavior since 1976. Over 150 individuals located in 11 offices throughout California, Utah, Arizona, Illinois, and Wisconsin comprise the Staples team.

It has been more than a decade since Staples & Associates was engaged by California utilities and local governments to build residential and commercial participation in energy-efficiency programs. Our knowledge and capabilities continue to grow.

Today, our two companies -- Staples Energy and Staples Golf -- provide innovative solutions for emerging needs in the arenas of energy-efficiency, conservation, and golf.

Staples Energy

Staples Energy was founded to provide energy audit services, customer education, and the direct installation of energy efficiency measures and engineering support for our utility and local government clients. Staples Energy has installed energy-saving solutions for residential, commercial, institutional and golf development customers. Today, Staples Energy is headquartered in Pewaukee, Wisconsin with branch offices in Roseville, Salinas, Clovis, Bakersfield, and San Diego, California, and Peoria, Illinois.

Staples Golf

Golf Resource Group, located in Phoenix, Arizona, joined the Staples & Associates family of companies to provide sustainable golf course design services that are unique in their approach to energy efficiency and water conservation. The need to save energy and local resources is especially acute for golf courses as they respond to increasing local environmental concerns. Staples Golf allows us to meet the specific needs for resources conservation posed by the golf development industry.


The companies that make up Staples & Associates are diverse in the services we offer, but connected by our commitment to finding creative solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.




James R. Staples

  • Founder of Staples Energy
  • Extensive track record for building public-private partnerships
  • Expertise in marketing for clients in the residential and commercial building industries
  • Marketing contractor for federal and state government clients since 1989
  • Expertise developing and managing energy efficiency direct install programs
  • Developed the Energy Watch energy efficiency education and direct install program for commercial and residential energy customers in Bakersfield, which has been expanded to multiple markets
  • Developed Univision Television Energy Efficiency Marketing, building successful partnerships between independently-owned utilities, the media and Staples Marketing.

Dennis W. Guido

  • Dennis is the Executive Vice President for Corporate Relations at Staples & Associates. Dennis has extensive experience in successfully reaching hard-to-reach communities. He currently provides oversight for residential and small commercial retrofits of energy conservation programs for mass market customers. Dennis works with external interveners, contractors and utility program management, in multiple states to ensure the Energy Efficiency Programs meet both the spirit and directives of the utilities and that of their state Commissions.
  • Previously, Dennis worked at and now with Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) for more than 30 years. While at PG&E he managed PG&E's low income weatherization program. Dennis was one of the original members of the California Public Utilities Commission's Technical Advisory Committee and assisted in standardization of California's low income energy efficiency programs. Over the years he worked to developed the Moderate Income Direct Install (MIDI) residential program for PG&E, managed contractor installations for the Local Government Partnership program for PG&E, Southern California Edison and Southern California Gas customers.
  • Dennis is one of the founding members of the California Energy Efficiency Council for low income contractors, and a Board Member of the Utility Energy Forum. He is a founding member of PG&E's Pride Network and founder of the Legacy Employee Resource Group (ERG).
  • Retired – United States Air Force

Andy Staples

  • Oversees all aspects of energy resources, new technology and new business
  • Over 17 years of land development experience
  • A leading authority in energy and water efficient design
  • Developed the country’s first energy efficiency program for golf development
  • Member of the American Society of Golf Course Architects
  • Lectures on sustainability for national audiences, including Harvard Graduate School of Design

Scott Landrum

  • More than 15 years’ experience in energy efficiency
  • Experienced in running weatherization and commercial direct installation programs
  • Develops program-specific policies and procedures
  • Liaison with local governments and utility partners
  • Develops custom databases for tracking and reporting energy efficiency programs
  • BPI certified
  • NGAT certified
  • Certified by Pacific Gas and Electric Company in Duct Test and Seal, Weatherization Specialist, Installation of Energy Efficient Windows, Attic Insulation, Wall Insulation and Floor Insulation

Sandy Blackwood

  • Manages all financial activities including billing, invoicing and cash flow
  • Oversees inventory management and tracking
  • Actively involved in monthly utility reporting involving data collection and tracking including on-site assessments and installation progress
  • Has provided billing and reporting to meet the needs of California’s Investor Owned Utilities and the California Public Utilities Commission in association with energy efficiency accounts
  • Developed documentation, detailed invoicing and reporting for work conducted on behalf of the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Nathan Baer

  • More than 17 years experience as a program manager and marketing strategist
  • Has launched energy efficiency and marketing, education and outreach programs for utilities, county and city government
  • Specializes in clearly communicating the benefits of energy efficiency in a simple and straightforward manner
  • Has applied behavior change strategies to engage consumers in energy efficiency and conservation
  • Adept at web communications including social media to motivate consumers to take action
  • Clients have included Wisconsin’s Focus on Energy Program, the City of Salem, Oregon; PG&E; Southern California Edison; the City of Fresno; Sarasota County, Florida; Kern, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties in California and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.


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